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Welcome to Westmoreland Rare Coins Blog Page

Welcome to the Westmoreland Rare Coins blog page. We appreciate you , our customer, and will do our best to bring you interesting content, daily cool finds, and our thoughts on the metals and coin market. Also, please be sure to follow us on Twitter (X) , Instagram, Facebook and of course, our platform for selling, eBay. Please sign up for our VIP newsletter, as we post a "heads-up" to listings 24 hours in advance there and provide a link for you to preview our listing. We have some amazing coins and can't wait for you to see them.

As a reminder, we are always looking for rare coins, monster estate and hoards and service all of Western PA and surrounding states ( Ohio, West Virginia). We are active in CAC, founding member of CACG, PCGS, NGC, ROUNDTABLE DEALERS GROUP, ANA, and are proud to be the lead sponsor for the "Kids Zone" at PAN.

If you know someone who is looking to sell, please refer them to us via email, text, or good old fashion phone call:) Again, the higher the value, the larger the collection, the bigger the hoard....the more we can help!

Ways to contact us

Phone 724.387.8190

Text 724.387.8190

Web Form

Snail Mail 1 West Pittsburgh Street, Delmont, PA 15262


Our thoughts on the metals market....

  • Silver seems to be rangebound and is just bouncing around between $23.50 and $24.50

  • Gold seems to be achieving some form of escape velocity and the pull is higher...slow and steady wins the race and the chart here looks great

  • Ample supply ( or even oversupply) has premiums as tight has they have been in some time....or simply said the are back to relative pre-covid normal.

  • Even with gold at an all-time high, there does not seem to be any "euphoria" or bubble attached to the move, if anything just apathy!

Our thoughts on the coin market....

  • Generics tend to be weak, but are off the December bottom for sure

  • Prices for dreck and stuff are weaker across all platforms and premiums have come way down

  • The market is still trying to figure out the grading hierarchy and how to profit from it with new player CACG shaking things up....we still do not have enough coins in the marketplace across all categories and grades to see what the ultimate effect will be. Crack outs seem to be going in both directions and it seems that ultimately, this will be confusing to the consumer and the market place for some time.

  • Tons of coins at very attractive prices are available...we are offered a lot of coins daily from our wholesalers, dealer friends, and of course the public.

Our coin of the a gorgeous 1880/9-S Morgan Silver Dollar graded PCGS MS 66+ and CAC approved for superior eye appeal. She exhibits minimal amount of abrasions and very nice luster. The coin is totally original in our opinion. Look at the true view below:

To check out this coin, and our others listed on eBay, click the link below and when making an offer, note that you used the link for a special discount!

As always, your feedback and interaction is appreciated...please keep it civil and to the point!

Best regards, RJ Westmoreland Rare Coins

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