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What We Stand Behind


This certification became a must-have when we started expanding and began offering more kinds of items for sale. Our team of experts at Westmoreland Rare Coins worked hard to earn their Locally Owned and it really is a sign of expertise and excellence. If you have any questions about buying or selling, or if you’d like to bring us your items for a free valuation, please get in touch today.


In order to stay well-informed about all new developments in the field, it’s important that all our team members share a passion about our products and services outside of the office. That’s why most of our staff members at Westmoreland Rare Coins have a Family Business. Please get in touch to learn more about the benefits this gives us.


This is a must-have standard certification for any dealer. The Credit, Cash, Check Accepted has to be updated on a regular basis, and is only given to a dealership that complies with all the requisite national rules and regulations. As a customer you should always make sure that a dealer has an up to date Credit, Cash, Check Accepted before buying or selling anything. We have had and maintained our Credit, Cash, Check Accepted since we first opened.

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