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Collectibles We Purchase


We offer competitive payouts for fine Precious Gems jewelry, coins and products. The experts at Westmoreland Rare Coins are well-trained in checking for impurities, which will be taken into consideration when final prices are being set. Our top priority is finding and buying quality products, which is why we inspect all new inventory carefully before making any purchasing decisions.


We give customers the opportunity to sell us any Silver Products that they no longer want. Whatever your reason, reselling precious metals is a great way to make money fast. We carefully scrutinize each product before buying it in order to come up with a fair and appropriate offer that will suit your needs.


This is a great opportunity for collectors to make money quickly. By selling us your unwanted Gold Products, you'll be making it available to other, fortunate collectors - and if what you offer is of good quality, you will also receive a hefty amount of cash in the process. We’d be happy to work with you, so please contact us soon.

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